The history of the gillette company

Gillette created the safety razor with disposable blades in the year

The history of the gillette company

But first I wanted to show my favorite Gillette picture. He is a great sport in so many ways. July Newspaper and Magazine Ad.

History of The Gillette Company

First Sports advertisement ever. One of a series of magazine ads featuring American men as clean and ready for anything, but too busy to go to the barber shop for a shave.

These two ads were a risk. InAmericans did not believe that baseball players were role models.

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RAZORS, TRIMMERS, & BLADES Although more than half of company profits are still derived from shaving equipment—the area in which the company started—Gillette has also attained the top spots worldwide in writing instruments Paper Mate, Parker, and Waterman brands and correction products Liquid Papertoothbrushes and other oral care products Oral-Band alkaline batteries Duracell products, which generate almost one-fourth of company profits.

In fact, professional athletes were only one step up from being a bum who rode the rails. Not only this these ads work, but they set up a new marketing strategy that has endured for Gillette and many other companies.

Kennesaw Mountain Landis signing an agreement forGillette's exclusive radio rights in the World Series. It featured pictures of all sorts of sports, here is one of the pages.

Sporting News, Pictures of Gillette sponsored events. This is Johnny Mize in The Professor in the s for the Boston Red Sox. These comics are part of a tradition that started during the War to keep people focused on the Gillette blade when they could only get the Thin Blade do to shortages.

After the war the comic went to the Blue Blade which was a higher end and more expensive product. These Sunday Cavalcade of Sports comics ran until the early s in every Sunday. I have included only a few here, but there are many.

Around here, with the sky so gray and the grass still brown, that is the first harbinger of spring.

A Perspective on Precision

It is a good one. Frank Malzone also of the Boston Red Sox. I have my loyalties. Published by Gillette throughout the s. The s saw the beginning of Gillette on the Radio and that continued for a long time.

It started way before professional, there was high school and college; rivalries and bowl games.History.

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Gillette started as Donkey Town named after Donkey Creek and then was moved and called Rocky Pile after rocky draw. Gillette was founded in with the coming of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad and incorporated on January 6, , less than two years after Wyoming became a state.

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad changed the name to Gillette for Edward Gillette, who. The Gillette Company, Inc.

The history of the gillette company

manufactures and sells shaving products for men. It offers razors and blades, disposable razors, and replacement blades; and pre and post shave products, such as shaving Location: 1 Gillette Park Boston, MA United States. The Gillette Company, or as it was first named, "The American Safety Razor Company," a Maine corporation, was founded by an inventor cum business philosopher and salesman named King Camp Gillette.

View the complete history of men's shaving products from Gillette. Over time more settings were added, totaling nine.

GilletteCo History | The history of the Gillette Company in Boston; its products and people.

This was the company’s first distinctly mechanical effort at making a razor “share the work” of adjusting the blade angle to the face. Techmatic. Our History. When King C. Gillette introduced his revolutionary safety razor, he founded a company on the time-honored credo, “There is a better way to shave and we will find it.”.

The history of the Gillette Company in Boston; its products and people.

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