The effect of playing online games

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The effect of playing online games

Additionally, video games have been found to foster social isolation as they are often played alone. Aggression Computerized violent video games played extensively by teens can make them more aggressive. The games encourage aggressive behavior because of the violent acts depicted throughout the game.

Academic Performance Declines, Social Isolation Increases Because they are often played alone, games could also foster social isolation.

According to Raise Smart Kid, this may be because rather than studying, reading or doing homework, the child is spending her time playing video games.

The effect of playing online games

Additionally, these games are believed to not offer children the chance to think independently or creatively. Because they are often played alone, they could also foster social isolation.

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They are also more prone to postural, muscular and skeletal disorders like tendinitis, nerve compression and carpal tunnel syndrome. Plus, some of the special effects of video games may induce seizures.

Online Dangers Computer games that can be played online can make children vulnerable to online predators. Computer games that can be played online can make children vulnerable to online predators, Raise Smart Kid says, as they are interacting with people in real-time.

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They can also pick up bad language and behavior from the people they meet in online computer gaming scenarios. These games can also give children the impression that violent behavior, vengeance and aggression are to be rewarded as nonviolent solutions are not often options.Over 75 hours of story content, plus Mass Effect 3’s critically acclaimed multiplayer mode.

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Moriah Christian Academy. Many studies demonstrate that Digital Game Based Learning (DGBL) can foster learning effect. The purpose of this study is to survey whether the online game in junior high school students can encourage learning effect in Taiwan’s History.

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