Reaction paper about to kill a mocking bird

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Reaction paper about to kill a mocking bird

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Reaction paper about to kill a mocking bird

This issue is one that everyone faces each day, no one particularly likes to suffer from it, yet we often do it to others. This issue is injustice, and it was ever-present in To Kill A Mockingbird.

Some of the types of injustice confronted in this novel include, racial injustice, religious injustice, and discrimination of women.

Reaction paper about to kill a mocking bird

Harper Lee often offers suttle remedies that would put an end to the constant injustices in the novels diverse society. The greatest case of injustice involves Tom Robinson who was falsely accused of a crime that he never attempted, nor intended to.

Tom's view of the actions that lead up to the trail were not believed because of his race, which in all details the way society miss-treated African Americans during the time period the novel was set in.

Tom's actions were different than what others in his situation would have been. Instead of getting angry and striking back against society and the white townsfolk, Tom went through the trial without getting aggravated because he was falsely accused, and conducted himself as a gentleman.

Tom's actions depict the kind of man he truly was, not one to rape and beat a helpless teenager, but one to conduct himself as a civilized human being. I strongly feel that this is a remedy that Harper Lee offers on the subject of dealing with everyday injustice. Instead of getting angry when someone puts us down, we should react by laughing along with the person or even just walking away.


These reactions may douse the person's sprit to criticize you and end the tormenting Another issue of injustice confronted in To Kill A Mockingbird is that of religious injustice. When Jem and Scout attend church with Calpurnia, Jem comments on the First Purchase Church, stating that, "On Sundays, the blacks worship, and white men gambled there on weekdays.

The white people don't respect the blacks rite to worship in a church that they "purchased" just because of there color of skin. The first addmendment to the Bill Of Rights declares that all men shall have freedom of religion, yet the white's spend endless hours gambling and sinning on "holy land.

The blacks knew they were mistreated because they were not like everyone else, yet they lived with constant desecration everyday of there lives.

The remedy upon this subject I believe has to do with being yourself, no matter what others thank of you. Don't change your way of life just to accommodate anyone else's life.

The final instance of racial injustice that stuck out among many, is the reaction of the predominantly white courtroom when Tom Robinson stated that he felt sorrow for Mayella Ewell.The Simple Life of Silas Marner - The Simple Life of Silas Marner The life that could be lived in a village at , which was so near of the time of the Industrial Revolution, is a simple life.

Watch breaking news videos, viral videos and original video clips on Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird Essay - Would you rather read a boring novel that contains static characters or would you want to read one that takes you on a journey through a dynamic character's life.

In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Scout's personality greatly changes as she matures and learns more about life. To Kill a Mockingbird is number 21 of the most frequently challenged books of – Even after 50 years of print in it ranks top ten among other book challenges for that year.

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