Pro civil disobedience

It makes governments more accountable just give up now This is absolutely false in which you can't "give up". Civil disobedience has helped strengthen justice in America.

Pro civil disobedience

Even in democracies, we only have a chance to have a say in how the country is run every four years or so, and then only indirectly by voting for a political party.

This is insufficient for the opinions of the people to be heard properly, and in certain circumstances civil disobedience is a powerful method of making the will of the public count if it is being ignored.

Against powerful interest groups who dominate politics through their financial muscle and control of the media, civil disobedience is also the only way to get attention for a cause. But this is a false choice, as in the real world campaigns of civil disobedience have not led to the breakdown of law and order generally, or the collapse of the state.

Those who advocate civil disobedience are usually careful to set boundaries on their actions, setting out what kind of disobedience is justified and what is unjustifiable.

Martin Luther King, for example, held that justice demanded that unjust laws i.

Pro civil disobedience

National elections take place regularly, and governments are accountable and can be changed. Members of the public who are unhappy can always lobby their representative or protest within the law, for example by organizing marches, petitions, advertising campaigns, or even running candidates of their own for election.

All these provide ways of changing laws and policies without the need for deliberate Even just causes do not justify breaking the law.

By doing so they set an example of illegality and contempt for law and order which others, with less worthy causes or no cause at all, will follow. Winning a change in the law is worthless, if obtaining it has destroyed the ability of the state, its police and its courts to uphold any law, just or unjust.The Problem is Civil Obedience.

from the Zinn Reader, Seven Stories Press. The Canadian government bought a pipeline and tanker project that threatens the whales, the land, the water, and the climate.

MISSOURI RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE. Created and maintained by Judge Richard E. Standridge Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri Please read the disclaimer. Civil disobedience was a major tactic in the women’s suffrage movement, Mohandas Gandhi’s campaign for independence in India, the civil rights movement in the USA, and the abolition of .

January-June. In , the freedom-fires sparked by student activists in the sit-ins, Freedom Rides, and voter-registration campaigns merge into a . Civil disobedience can hurt the government during wartime.

Civil disobedience during this time distracts the government and can lower loyalty towards the government during wartime, where the troops need full support from their country.

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