Nightly business report 2008 movies

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Nightly business report 2008 movies

He said that the lowest net growth was among middle-income jobs, such as manufacturing or office jobs, in the prior two recoveries. Part of the reason is supply and demand, Creticos said, as the huge baby boomer labor pool flooded the job market and, thanks to the bad economy, are working longer, many past retirement age.

Many of the lowest-paying jobs were once seen as the domain of younger workers who were first starting out in the work world, but increasingly these positions are survival jobs for midcareer folks who have been downsized, said Randall Hansen, a workplace expert with Quintessential Careers.

All the wages on the list include the mean, or midpoint, hourly rate. Most of these jobs require minimal education and many are part time. Despite the small paycheck, long hours, and hard work, lots of people hold these jobs. The occupation is now the fourth largest in the country with 2.

This kind of work, which the BLS projects will increase by 10 percent in the next decade, is often seen as a dead-end job.

The state with the most dishwashers is Florida, with 42, Training is minimal to nil, but dishwashing jobs are often seen as a stepping stone to jobs as servers in restaurants or other food-service establishments. Cashiers can be found everywhere from fast-food shops to clothing stores.

The job is No. But unfortunately, the pay is crummy. Even though most cashiers are trained on the job, they typically need some understanding of math, and many employers prefer applicants with high school diplomas, according to the BLS.

Background checks are often required for these positions because workers handle money. Hosts and hostesses You may never think to tip your host or hostess when you go out to eat. Well, maybe you should think again. They also take reservations, direct you to the bathroom, and sometimes they act as cashiers.

These employees, who typically get on-the-job training and are expected to have good customer service skills, do everything from collecting tickets when you wait in line to ride the latest roller coaster to removing unruly patrons who have had too much cotton candy.

The BLS expects jobs for ushers and ticket takers to jump nearly 12 percent in the next 10 years. From the Labor Department website: About seven in 10 agricultural workers are born outside of the United States.

The bulk of these jobs, nearlyout of the totaljobs, are in California, and workers learn quickly while in the fields. Personal and home care aides The job opportunities in this profession are expected to skyrocket by nearly 50 percent in the next 10 years, above and beyond thepeople doing the work right now.

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nightly business report 2008 movies

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