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Genealogy blog writing a book

William Crumley the second was born in or in Frederick County, Virginia. We do, however, know that her mitochondrial DNA haplogroup is H2a1.

Without any other moniker, H2a1 has in effect become her name, because I have nothing else to call her that identifies her individually. Ironic that we have her mitochondrial DNA and know her haplogroup, but not her name.

Mitochondrial DNA is only passed on by females. Lydia was the daughter of Jotham Brown and his wife Phoebewhose surname is unknown, neighbors who lived close by.

John was followed by William Crumley the fourth in and Jotham Crumley in Sarah may have been a twin to Jotham, born in or she may have been born in Of course, there were no birth or death certificates back then. Indaughter Clarissa was born on April 10th. Which William Crumley, you ask? Well, so have we, for years.

Except, the next child born to William III and his wife, Lydia or Elizabeth, my ancestor, Phoebe Crumley was born on March 24th,not even 50 weeks after her sister, Clarissa had been born.

Pregnancy as a motivator for marriage happens, but it seemed odd that a 34 year old man with a 2 month old child, whose wife had just died was impregnating a 17 year old girl.

I discussed all the pros and cons of the situation in the articles about Lydia Brown and Phoebe Crumleybut the only other alternative is that Elizabeth Johnson had married the elder William Crumley II. But that too happened. Or, maybe Elizabeth was actually older than we thought.

Young wives tended to have children, regardless of the age of their husband — so the preponderance of circumstantial evidence pointed to Elizabeth marrying William Crumley III, or Jr.

This seemed like the most reasonable at least tentative conclusion, based on the evidence at hand. The problem is that it was wrong. My line, through Phoebe, the younger sister of Clarissa had tested too, and they matched exactly at the full sequence level.

Furthermore, both of those women also matched a descendant of a daughter of Jotham Brown, confirming that those three women had a common ancestor.

genealogy blog writing a book

This tells us that very likely Clarissa and Phoebe are full siblings. I really wanted to test a descendant of the daughter, Melinda, born April 1, That child was unquestionably born after the marriage to the second wife, if she was a second wife. Not long ago, as a result of the article about Lydia, a descendant of Melinda came forth and volunteered to test.

Believe me, those weeks spent waiting for DNA results seemed like an eternity. Moses was either the brother or the son of Zopher Johnson.

Those are the only candidate fathers for Elizabeth. Furthermore Moses is believed to be the brother of Zopher, not his son. The evidence suggests that Phoebe Brown is not the daughter of Zopher Johnson, eliminating Possibility 3 as well. This means that the wives of Zopher Johnson and Jotham Brown would have been sisters, or possible matrilineal cousins with no interweaving male generations.

Jotham Brown and Phebe, his wife are having children by in Virginia according to the census record of their oldest child. These couples are probably at least 20 years different in age. Unfortunately, we know very little about where Jotham originated.

Is there any evidence of that? However, this is the only alternate possibility that works at all.

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