Facebook chat application for mobile java

Montreal provides the skeleton for J2EE-based Facebook applications. FB Toolbar installation is free and takes only seconds to install. This Facebook application is totally secure:

Facebook chat application for mobile java

Download source - It also supports file transfer. It is entirely based on Java and consists of two parts: Features Handles multiple users at the same time Support for both public and private messages User signup and login available Support for file transfer Run the jar files jMessenger.

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On jServer select "data. This file contains usernames and passwords. On jMessenger select "History. This file is used to save chat history. In many cases, if jMessenger cannot find the server then adjust firewall to give it network access. Both applications are written in Netbeans and you can import source files in Netbeans to view and edit them.

Message structure Each message in jMessenger has four fields: This can be set to message, login, newuser, etc. The username of sender content: Actual content of the message Recipient: Username of recipient of the message jServer There are two main classes in jServer for handling connections and messages.

On startup the SocketServer runs in a separate thread. The job of SocketServer is to wait for connections and for each connection start a new thread ServerThread.

Once the connection is established, ServerThread will listen for any messages and hand it over to SocketServer to process. Also it will forward messages from other users to the connected user.

Arriving messages are then displayed on message board along with their senders. The recipient then does the following: Unlike messages, files do not go through jServer. I would like to clarify that here. Chat History is not complete. Many people are confused why chat over different networks is not possible.

To understand this, take the example of any web-server. For any browser to connect to a web-server, this server needs to have a global IP address so that it is visible on the Internet.

Similarly jServer also is a application server and for chat over two different networks say a campus LAN and DSL at your houseit also need to be run on a computer with a global IP address.

About this project This is a class project which I wanted to share with others. The purpose of this project was to demonstrate Java sockets, so the whole History feature is not implemented as good as I would have liked. If this article proves to be any help, please let me know.This is an alternative to using Java and Eclipse for writing an Android mobile application.

It will have the structure of a web application, which allows JavaScript developers to get on board quickly.

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The AddonChat Mobile Edition Module enables visitors using iPhones, iPod Touches, iPads, and Android (Google Phone) devices to connect to your chat room in real-time directly from their phone's built-in . Apart from socket programming, I have also included topics which will be required for developing our chat application i.e topics like Java I/O, Multithreading, Swing.

Also a chat application could be a good topic for your school/college mini-project. As a readymade chat solution to augment the messaging prowess of an already existing mobile.

Facebook chat application for mobile java

Get Facebook profile detail using restfb Graph API in Java & ADF by Ashish Awasthi. RestFB is a simple and flexible Facebook Graph API client written in plombier-nemours.com is open source software and simplifies code for you, It provides default implementation for all components.

We need to access it's methods and customized it Oracle Mobile. Java Android App Development Android SDK Android Google Play iOS Development Objective-C Apple Xcode PHP JavaScript.

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Use Upwork to chat or video call, share files, and track project milestones from your desktop or mobile. Use Upwork to chat or video call, share files, and track project milestones from your desktop or mobile.

(Follow the link at the end of this article to see a live demo of the Java-based chat system.) Close Ad. Trending: Learn Java; Building an Internet chat system Multithreaded client/server chat -- the Java way For reference, we provide a sidebar explaining Java network programming components that are relevant to this application.

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