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Since you are happy to have an NQ desynth, you simply want to reduce the fail rate, whereas moghancement desynthesis apparently increases the HQ rate AND the material loss rate. Wind enhancement for when you're doing the synth itself would help, but since desynthesis has a much Desynthesis break rate than synthesis, it's probably not worth the effort.

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Anye, I'm sorry to say that you've got it all wrong, Eclipstic explained it in his post, but I'll try and make it a little more clear. Tbest, you were a little off on one point too Whichever moghancement you get is defined by TWO things.

The piece of furniture with the highest aura Desynthesis that element. What this means, is that if you have a Royal Bed Aura 24, Dark element then no matter what Desynthesis you put in your house, you will always get moghancement: If however, you have a Royal Bed and 13 tarutaru stools Aura 2, lightning elementthen you will now have 24 dark, 26 lightning.

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This makes lightning the dominant element in your house, so you will get the moghancement from the highest aura strength piece of lightning furniture. Desynthesis you only have tarutaru stools as lightning, that's what will decide your moghancement, which will be desynthesis.

Now as long as the total lightning aura remains higher than 24, the Royal Bed is doing absolutely nothing for you, except giving you 2 storage and looking pretty. If however, you add in a Tableware set Aura 3, lightning elementlightning will still be the dominant element in your house, but the Tableware set will now be the highest lightning based aura, so it will give you moghancement lightning.


Even though you have a total lightning aura of 26 coming from items that give you desynthesis, and only 3 coming from moghancement lightning, since the tableware set is the highest piece, that's what takes precedence. So if you understand everything I've just said, then you should be starting to see why the Thurible is such a good piece for a desynthesis set-up.

Without the thurible, the highest lightning based desynth piece you can get is a Melodius Egg at aura strength 4.


Now, to get overwhelming lightning energy, you need a total accumulated lightning aura of In order to get overwhelming energy AND keep moghancement desynthesis, you need to get aura strength while keeping one piece of lightning based furniture with moghancement desynthesis as your highest lightning based aura strength.

So without thurible, and excluding the event items because there's not much in it the easiest way to do this is to get a Tsahyan mask. This has 3 lightning aura and moghancement desynthesis, and then make up the other 98 lightning aura with flower stands.

Flower stands have 2 lightning aura, and moghancement lightning, but since you'll have Tsahyan mask with 3 aura strength and the correct moghancement, then you'll be set. Now, this means you'll have 1 Mask, and 49 flower stands I personally have the 3 dream pieces and 46 flower standswhich is a massive hit to your storage capabilities considering that all of these items only give one storage.

So in order to cap out your storage at 80, you need an additional 30 storage spaces. I mentioned earlier that as long as lightning remains the dominant element, then you'll retain the moghancement from the Tsahyan Mask, but what you may not have realised, is that once you have lightning aura, even if you have fire aura as well, you will still have your overwhelming lightning energy.

This means that you can simply stick in any two items with 15 storage, or a mannequin or whatever else you want, as long as it doesn't have lightning aura of 3 or more. I personally have two armoires, which have water water aura of So without Thurible, you need to use up 50 inventory slots, and still don't hit your storage cap.

With thurible, you can simply use 16 consoles to hit your target AND be well over your storage cap.I've been fielding a lot of questions lately about the desynthesis skill, such as: What is it?

How do I get it? and, Should I even bother? This page should help answer all those questions, and more, about this crafting subskill which is a rather tedious pain to acquire, but can grant significant benefit. FFXIV Guides is a collection of guides for Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood and beyond.

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