Best nonfiction essay collections

But what exactly is narrative nonfiction? An author of narrative nonfiction will typically introduce an actual character perhaps a baseball player or a baby polar bear at the zoo and narrate some sort of experience or journey that character has taken, all the while teaching kids a thing or two about history or zoology along the way.

Best nonfiction essay collections

This review was written for LibraryThing Early Reviewers. Since reading this book, more than three years ago, I've started a number of reviews.

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The difficulty I've had, I believe, is due to the very large umbrella that the series title spreads. Creative nonfiction is a many-splendered thing, and any collection of the "best" of it is sure to be a diverse one.

As with any diverse collection, there's bound to be bits that fit your taste and bits that don't. I can no longer pinpoint which essays I found to be shining gems and which I felt fell flat, though there were some of each. But, even those that weren't so much my cup of tea might very well be someone else's.

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If memory serves, the backbone of the book was Donovan Hohn's "Moby Duck," which appears to have since been extended into a full-length book. Yet, how how good those six are, they make the book as a whole worthwhile seeking out.

Probably the best essay is "Moby-Duck" by Donovan Hohn. The pun on "Moby-Dick" is not just because of its length. Like in the novel, the essay is a weird hodgepodge of style and content, sometimes a straightforward journalism about ocean currents and the plastic derbies that floats in it, other-times existential angst on the modern human condition.

It is one of the best nonfiction essays I've ever read, a nod to the literary greatness of Moby-Dick. There are two superb mini-biographies.

The Wikipedia article see previous link gives some background about him, but Laura's story about how she came to learn of Garvice from a book page leaf that washed up on the beach in Iceland is literary gold. The other min-biography is called "The Dangerous Joy of Dr.

Sex" by Pagan Kennedy an original piece first published in this book. It is about Alex Comfortthe stodgy English professor who was the unlikely author of the ever-popular The Joy of Sex. His story is basically an encapsulation of the sexual revolution and how far and quickly things changed in a single lifetime.

There are two psychology essays, the first "Instead of the Rat Pack" by Gwendolyn Knapp is about the authors mother who never throws things out and hoards stuff in her house to the point of excess requiring "active intervention.

Netabout a patient who foresees his own death. Finally there is a true crime essay called "The Suicide Murder? It concerns a young man who apparently killed himself, but there are many clues to suggest it was actually murder. His father and mother become the lead investigators as the police and journalists write it off.The Pool is one of the wittiest websites around and this long-overdue collection rounds up some of the site’s best essays, with writing on everything from gender and politics to friendship and.

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Best nonfiction essay collections

The Best Fiction and Nonfiction Books of Posted 11 months ago by April S essays and intimate family photos that reflect his complicated feelings about his disadvantaged childhood on a Native American reservation with his siblings and alcoholic parents.

The Best Poetry Collections of - The Washington Post. Slightly More Than Fantastic Pieces of Journalism. Each year, I keep a running list of exceptional nonfiction for The Best of The Art of the Personal Essay.

A Review of the 37 Best Narrative Nonfiction Books for Kids.

Best nonfiction essay collections

Updated on August 9, Adele Jeunette. A Review of the 21 Best New Narrative Nonfiction Books for Kids and now she has come out with a narrative nonfiction collection of true stories that will rivet these young readers.

April’s best nonfiction books in particular form quite the lineup. The titles coming out in the days and weeks ahead will give us all a great reason to celebrate spring.

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